Show n Tell at Work Tuesday’s

Who ate all the peas… Wake n Bake today with Lady Pie

Do you take it neat? Personally I like some hot water and a dash of milk Wake n Bake with LS-Invest.Asia

Once more into Tuesday’s my friends… what are you up to? Drop us a line/ soc-med/ or use our super-dupa voicemail gizmo Wake n Bake with Lady Pie

Use that bit? … Mmm, not sure, and that bit?, I don’t know. And that bit there? Ooh no, definitely not. Wake n Bake today with Multihull Solutions

Up and at ’em, boss is on the prowl… Wake n Bake today with Multihull Solutions

What kind of weird and wonderful workery are you up to this merry Tuesday? Wake n Bake, today with Multihull Solutions Right now it’s The Alex Jones Show, up later Plausible Paula

…7 lamps are lumping… Wake n Bake with Chow Pet Foods

Thanks for the album pick Shells-bells. Can hear today on WnB, Plausible Paula and Professor Funkenstein’s gigs. Wake n Bake breaks the day with Adventurebug Worldwide

Fav albums of 2019 (in no order): Prim throws Vardy’s; Politically Correct Cry Babies in the mix because, ‘It makes me smile… every track’ Today’s Wake n Bake with Rainbow Divers

Oh green wellies, how la di da Wake n Bake with Rainbow Divers

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