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‘Ooh, batter me up chuck’ Wake n Bake today with Chow Pet Foods

Mouse 1 shortly joined by mouse 2 on the great Blind Off… Wake n Bake today with LS-Invest.Asia

Join up the magic dots and name that town Wake n Bake with a little lady from Blighty who likes tap dancing, Tommy Steele, cross stitching and is 77 today – happy birthday MUM

Something delectable is happening at The Speakeasy Yacht Club and Restaurant tonight in the Royal Phuket Marina – Lamb Rogan Josh Accompanied by ambient chill-out Indian tunes from our very own DJ Bollywood – spice up your Friday’s at The Speakeasy Yacht Club and Restaurant

‘If your finger’s dry up to the 2nd knuckle it probably needs watering’ Wake n Bake today with Bootlace Walking Holidays

Agh, glue on the industrial estate; 80’s Britain was a fantastical time! Wake n Bake with LS-Invest.Asia

Eaorr, grr, ruff, hee-hee-hee grruff, gggrrr Some MackCHOW coming soon folks – check that goodness out Wake n Bake today with Chow Pet Foods

Uncle Jane Hour – in their second innings tonight 07:30GMT+7 Toonz from themselves, from who’ve influenced them, from whom they dig – great show folks

Once more into Tuesday’s my friends… what are you up to? Drop us a line/ soc-med/ or use our super-dupa voicemail gizmo Wake n Bake with Lady Pie

Piping on board this glorious Monday… Today we are with Multihull Solutions

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