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Alf Garnett’s home help was… and in real life his footie team was… and which 20th century non-violent anti-colonial nationalist was he a doppleganger for…? For all the carers of the world – here here Today with The Speakeasy Yacht Club and Restaurant Primco prime patties

‘You’ve got to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky…’ Reply with the next line, film, actor, shoe size of the punk and if whether my old man is a dustman here and win FREE, that’s right folks, win FREE, there’s nothing more FREE and FREEER than this FREE. This FREE won’t last long; […]

‘Beef, Wellington? ‘Damn you fool, it’s Wednesday, we always have bangers n mash on Wednesday’s… and a bit of Billy-biltong treat for the mutt’ Chow Pet Foods and Primco bangers

R.I.P. Dave Greenfield, Stranglers WnB today with Lady Pie

One of these species is in grave danger of distinction. For just two ounces of common sense a week you could help restore their dignity. Contact Give Me My Life Back and pledge what you CAN! WnB today with Blue Gecko, Phuket

Argh the mesmerising Ludvig, simple and joyous; similar (in parts) to the WnB Gig WnB today with LS-Invest.Asia

After a long hard day it’s good to raise a hand for tea Today with Chow Pet Foods

Still, it’s good to have such difficult choices Kick starting your day with Bootlace Walking Holidays

Your Shout 2-6pm (GMT+7) – slouched on the couch, mopping the floors till the ceramic runs thin or in the fresh air playing cup n ball dreaming of Mrs Miggins’ pies. Hum your tune and we’ll play it today 2-6pm – reply here/ FB/ Twitter/email/Voicemail gizmo – all the usual ways – Your Shout 2-6pm

‘Hello Basil’, ‘Aloe vera’ Complete the caption quiz and win a prize Wnb today with Blue Gecko, Phuket

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