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Professor Funkenstein’s 2019 album – catch him today 2-5p.m The day starts with Wake n Bake; today with Chow Pet Foods – give them the goodness they deserve

giblets n all

Fav albums of 2019 (in no order): Prim throws Vardy’s; Politically Correct Cry Babies in the mix because, ‘It makes me smile… every track’ Today’s Wake n Bake with Rainbow Divers

The Radio Primco team are selecting their 2019 album of the year – can be more than one, any genre – care to join us…? Wake n Bake today with Multihull Solutions Regatta 2020

A real-un needs watering every day, then when you’re done you can chop it up and put in the soup with the leftover turkey and wrapping paper. Talking St Nick in Loosey’s today Wake n Bake with Bootlace Walking Holidays

‘Let’s go round again…’ name that tune for a two-finger-ripple Wake n Bake with Adventurebug Worldwide

Little Dunker Christmas dinner pizza with Yorkshire pudding gravy pot dipper… heck no, we’re having sausages Wake n Bake with Chow Pet Foods

Oh green wellies, how la di da Wake n Bake with Rainbow Divers

And suddenly some git decided it should be Monday… Wake n Bake with Multihull Solutions

Larry, Curly and… Wake and Bake with Bootlace Walking Holidays catch-a-villain-by-it’s-mo

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