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Japanese Pop Project UQiYO Releases A Three-Dimensional Sound Experience of Fifth Album ‘loom’ Following the releases of outstanding cross-border collaborations including the single, ‘lo V er’ with Singaporean artist MARICELLE, ‘6000°C’ with Taiwanese Indie Pop band I Mean Us, as well as ‘invisible’ with Malaysian artist Froya, Japanese Pop Project UQiYO’s fifth album, ‘loom’ is […]

“Corporate Grind”- The G3sha Do you recall the 1st day of work, when you started your 1st job after graduation. The excitement kicked in, you were happy and content! Fast forward 8 years: Frustrated with the monotony of the rat race. The absence of creative freedom, when working a desk job. Do we have to […]

Singaporean Producer and Singer-songwriter yams Releases First Single ‘do you drive a nice car’ Taken from debut Album ‘day/dreams’ Singaporean producer and singer-songwriter yams has released his latest 14-track album ‘day/dreams’. Dreaming has a way of containing past, present, and future, of confronting the things that you usually do not dare to address when awake. […]

Singer-songwriter Jason Yu Releases Brand-New Single, ‘I Miss You’ Alongside with Debut EP ‘Ideals’ and Online Concert Singaporean singer-songwriter, Jason Yu released his debut EP ‘Ideals’ on 12 March 2021. Made available on all major digital streaming platforms, ‘Ideals’ has been released together with a new single titled, ‘I Miss You’ Home can mean different […]

Japanese Pop Outfit UQiYO Releases Cross-Border Collaboration Single with Malaysia Songstress Froya, ‘invisible’ Full Album OUT NOW Having collaborated with many outstanding creators locally and internationally in the music industry, Japanese Pop Music Project UQiYO has announced the release of a cross-border collaboration single with Malaysian singer-songwriter, Froya, titled, ‘invisible’. The single will be available […]

HONG KONG SINGER-SONGWRITER, MR NICE GUY RELEASES FIRST SINGLE TAKEN OFF BRAND NEW EP Leading up to the release of his second EP, Hong Kong contemporary singer-songwriter, Mr Nice Guy, has announced his latest single, ‘Leave This City’, which will be made available on all major digital streaming platforms on 19 February 2021. An accompanying […]

Dear Diary Day 19… boiled two pairs of white socks which had turned brown from walking round the block and not washing in 2 years… or so. Boiled ’em up like an old rugby kit before it goes in the washing machine. Looked for new socks. Draw full of thick wooly football socks used to […]

Dear Diary Days 15-18… cleaned. Domesticated head to toe. After cleaning, cleaned some more. In between cleaning went to the pub. Then cleaned. Noticed computer screen has grown lines. Cleaned it. Nothing to see here, I’ve cleaned it. Bollocks, screen still has lines… nothing stands in the way of WD40. Screen’s getting worse, argh it’s […]

Dear Diary Day 14… Made broccoli soup… was sensational, still is I’ve buckets of the stuff, which is good because when I find a food I like I tend to eat it every day for weeks… months, till I get sick of it p.s still not sure on the spelling of broccoli and the double […]

Dear Diary Day 13… Teachers straining at the bit of sanity is enough to make your teeth curl. After a late night at the pub… it’s work folks… I’m shaken at an ungodly hour so our bedroom can turn into the missus’ classroom. Love covid. Stroke the bristles of sanity. Zen

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