‘Found myself in a strange town
Though I’ve only been here for nine and half months now’
‘The Jam’


Let’s begin where we left off last week, funny expression that, somehow doesn’t sound right now, almost as if we leapt off last week, which is a completely different Geronimo-esque gambit.  

Must be the sugar rush bubbling from Christmas Gingerbread House leftovers I’m currently gorging on. But lo, chocolate is my new gig for ’23, and although our ginger house was void of the coca stuff, therein did lie sugar, ooh man de sugar.

South Africa reminds me of sugar. Folk chewing on a 12” lengths of raw cane as they manned their mincing machines on the side of the road. Now that does sounds wrong! A manual device between an old Singer sewing machine and a grinder that spurts out kids like Pink Floyd’s, Another Brick in the Wall.

Zulu land is sugar cane country. Every now and then a figure would emerge from nowhere and I quote from Durban’s Bread, Bundles of cane, ten metres in length balanced precariously on their heads. Where they were going a mystery. Either way it was a long walk.’

Ha, got that one quick this week.

Sugar, crikey, is that what we’re talking about now, ok. Apart from the obvious rum, raw sugar juice has powers for an almighty rush – Geronimo – with no guilty saturated fats, which let’s face it, no-one knows what they actually are. It’s good for your bones, digestive system and the whole immune system. But now we’re sounding like an advert…

CAPTAIN SPARROW: This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow… missing his breakfast

NARRATOR: Have you had your morning rum juice?

It also appears in the WWI film Aces High where a sergeant hesitantly enters the Officers Mess declaring the absence of sugar in their rations delivery, ‘Damn it man,’ Comes a stern reply, ‘Make the custard without sugar.’ That’s how you become a fighter pilot Ace folks.

delivered here before turning the corner and realising…
Daffs peeping

Bent on a ginger bread buzz the other freezing morning I had to out manouvre a low slung chain draped across my path. I thought I’d give it the ol’ wey-hey up scissor kick and sprung a hammy, so tried straddling, as if mounting a horse and cut a quad, such the virtues of false Gods. Damn your eyes sugar.

Chuc Mung Nam Moi – and whatever it is in Chinese

The Chinese will get a lot of sugar down their gullets this coming New Year (22 Jan – Rabbit). They like a bit of the cane. They like to cane the cane as they say. They like it so much they put a lot into their meat cooking. Oh they. Like their fish too, or as it turns out New Zealand’s fish. So much so en route are 800 tonnes of lobsters, oysters, salmon and, well I can’t read my handwriting, but it looks likes chips, which is a strange one. Regardless, the seafood was probably the real reason Jacinda Arden quit when she said, ‘There’s no more left in the tank’.

Tom Kerridge’s Salt Cod Scotch Eggs in a red pepper sauce with a little piece of grilled chorizo on top. The Chinese would kill for them.

Davos and the meeting of the Daleks 2023 edition kicks off this week. The first since 2019. This year is built around Cooperating in a Fragmented World. Someone came up with that.

Wonder what they’ll be thinking as they recognize the mountains beyond the road in due to lack of snow walls.

A 1000 extra odd flights for a couple days pummel Zurich. One in will be 10 private jets. A good chunk would then be met by whirly birds taking ‘our’ special delegates directly to their lobsters brought in by equal measure direct from New Zealand.

It’s also a Plane Spotters money shot. Those extra flights and choppers. So much so Zurich Airport has opened up Deck B from 10a.m. to 10p.m. for the anoraks to hustle, click, gaze and compare.  Chopper or Flight, the Plane Spotters version of Trainspotters – a psychotic tale of an anoraks pursuit for that pic.

Salt Cod Scotch Eggs, oh my.

Hey, HMV… who have just clocked up record sales of erm records. Vynall up 67% a year in UK. How do you spell vynl. That out plays CD’s by some. Didn’t think CD’s were still in production.

It’s the same in the US; for the past 17 years, 43% of sales have been Lionel, vyanl. But get this, 50% of those buyers don’t even have a turntable! Aye, they’re collectables. Despicable more like. I remember when I got my scar, it was the rage to have fake scars by plastic surgery.

Right ho, outta time again, we’ll continue this nonsense next week

Let’s pump a tune for David Crosby who popped his clogs this week aged 81

Till next time f-f-f-folks… keep ‘em peeled
Pip pip, ding-dong and ticketyboo
Keep it turning, keep it wheel


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