‘Bomp, bomp, bomp, bomp, bomp
I feel feet’

The Brief; You have from the time it takes to get from there to here to do this – yer dig?

damn right brother

As much as I’d love to dig into the fantastical super exciting adventures uncurled from a magical week of derring do’s, it is with deep pangs of normality this ship steers on a limp sail festooned amidst honed and customary glib.

‘Gammy foot see, and if it starts playing up I’ll have to knock it on the head. Is that ok?’ A blank reply begs explaining. I explain I have a hurty foot and will do my best. ‘Oh yes, of course, no problem.’

pet hate – other folks feet

Explaining a manky foot at work covers the same brief above; there being the sofa, approx. two yards from here, the computer. Made it.

So onwards we charge, bent on one good leg, blind faith and steadfast assurance Madame Luck shall prevail.

Hey you the rock steady crew… name that tune.

Lady luck maybe a natural homing pigeon to some, but she can be to all, according to Tik Tok lady Laura Galebe. And she should know because she has clocked up more than 80m viewers since she launched ‘lucky girl syndrome’ in mid-December.

Of course riding on back of someone else’s furore gallops the hordes of copycat influencers tik-toking the same thing. However, Laura was there first and takes the accolade of thinking it and it shall happen, aye, the premise being that if you think you’re born lucky then she will visit… always. Book it and they shall come – I’m getting confused, is that Wayne’s World or Field of Dreams?

Copycatting also has its conveniences. In Saigon shopping was easy; beer street, full of offie’s, bottle shops, liquor stores wherever you’re from and label them, to shoe street, plumbing street etc.

BRIAN: You are all individuals

CROWD: Yes, we are all individuals


a lone tree everyone who isn’t anyone never goes to often

One influenced free thinker explained her sudden fortune when she and friend went searching for an apartment, with two other roommates. They liked the bedrooms on the bottom floor, but didn’t say anything, instead kept telling themselves, ‘everything works out for us’. You wouldn’t believe what happened next… aye, they all got eaten by dinosaurs.

Cathay Pacific’s estimated loss of earnings in 2022 is between HK$6.4bn (E755.6m) and HK$7bn (E862.2m). CEO Augusta Tang Kin Wing (great name) said, ‘Everything works out for us.’ As he opened the window on the 13th floor.


Hobble around work for next few days bent on painkillers and prescription drugs – wahoo. Wake up with same gammy foot. Take day off work.


Russia’s been visiting South Africa I see. Their Foreign Minister Sergio Lavrov has met his counterpart Nalida Pandor twice, two times two times in the past six months. Their (SA’s) abstention from several UN resolutions hasn’t gone unnoticed by the world either. Now military fun and games are to take place on Russian and Chinese Warships.  Russian ties haven’t been so strong since the ANC’s who-ha with Apartheid back in 19 O’Chocolate and more recently when Durban’s Bread was translated from English into English… Ya Durban’s Bread Eh to Durban’s Bread.

Cherry disguised as Nalida Pandor


Had a chippy tea. What goes into those sausages do you think?


The sun has been peeping through this January fog and it’s almost Spring like. January, no extra ‘r’ unlike February, weird ha! Anyhoo, the sun’s presence lends an almost Biblical effect. Not like the Biblical rains of California in recent weeks; isn’t that the sunshine state, or is that Florida? Either way, you’d hope California would make its mind up. If it’s not unhinging houses from their foundations and floating them down the street, then it’s a dry summer tinderbox ready for the furnace. Has Paradise been rebuilt yet?

the current in Brinny

The talk for rain entrapments is over. Only 20% of the heavenly wet stuff is harnessed for better use other than spilling into to ocean with all the other turds, factory bio chemicals and stay rad, if not slightly glowing, surfers.

The Swiss know how to harness stuff, dodgy gold usually. But on the righteous side is a Swiss start-up company Climeworks who pull carbon dioxide from the air which filter it through big air-con looking industrial type things then store it underground in rocks. I’m sure I saw Brit boffs priming that back on Tomorrow’s World a zillion years ago. Many a to and fro in that sentence. Either way Microsoft and Stripe are on their books offsetting their future emissions.

Offsetting Putin’s emissions are Germany’s Leopard 2 tanks sent to reinforce the Ukraine. Not just a hunk of 60-tonne menace but for a party trick you can balance a full stein of beer on the end of its gun barrel and it will trundle along the forests rough terrain without spilling a drop.

I should probably add a link but you’ve probably seen it and I can’t be bothered.

As I write it is Aussie Day and I recall moons ago playing street/garden cricket with a bunch of Aussies and I took a catch full length, one handed, beer in other, followed through with a roly-poly and never spilt a drop.

With that – ta ta till next week Oh, here’s this week’s tuneage – yer dig!

Till next time f-f-f-folks… keep ‘em peeled
Pip pip, ding-dong and ticketyboo
Keep it turning, keep it wheel


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