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But it’s gonna be… Conflicting The Great Leveller ‘Let them eat petrol’ As Mary Antoinette once famously said. Aye, it’s a tricky moral high ground that questions a pro-Golfer’s participation in Saudi Arabia… or is it? You talking golf fool? Yes, and the double-bubble purse being splashed for half the graft to play golf in […]

New Zealand is the process of banning tobacco, for life – fact. A statement by their Health Minister Dr Ayesha Verrall in early December (9th) 2021 outlined a progressive phasing out of tobacco sales. It is currently illegal for under-18’s to buy tobacco. The new legislation raises the legal age by a year, every year, […]

But it’s Gonna Be… Wait for It ‘What you doing in there?’ ‘Waiting’, ‘Ugh huh, yeah, I thought so.’ ‘I said waiting’. Argh yes, a great line from a great 80’s film, Party Party. And exactly how this week’s panned out. And now for some forms… Moving into a rental is not all it’s cracked […]

But it’s Gonna Be… Keeping the wheels on track Ride it Time and tide wait for no man (and dog), Chaucer said that in 1395. St. Maher said it in 1225, whoever she was. I just said it at 23 minutes past 2. Cherry the dog didn’t say anything and blew fragrant nonchalance to the […]

Taken from Chpt 12… ‘We stood in the same lift, worlds apart. Neither of us quite in touch with the real one. Throughout the ride no one entered. Peter bounced off the walls on his shoulders. His body tight as a tourniquet, sweat trickling down his forehead, eyes glaring. He mumbled his death chant in […]

But it’s Gonna Be… Fed by Probability Coming Up Alien Moulded together, it’s what it has to be. Mould, manipulate, combine and produce. A harvested production of ideas. Should there ever be a niggling spelling, yet no doubt to its meaning, then mould irritatingly festers every time. It’s the ‘u’ you see, a complicated statement […]

But it’s Gonna Be… Like It Dags, Dogs and Twats Dogs everywhere. England is full of dogs. In Ireland they’d be dags. Our Antipodean brethren would have a dag down as a dork, which in turn could be Americano… the dork not the dag, which fundamentally is the same, but nothing like a dog. Stick […]

By Prim 4.4.22 Primed ‘n’ Prepped Heading back to the Old Dart was never on the agenda… until it was. Taking a dog was equally unscripted. Unanimously it was agreed Cherry was coming. Unanimously it was agreed Dad would travel with her. Unanimously it was agreed Dad doesn’t get a choice. Set to task as […]

Authors note: Tales from the Dark Side was a weekly play contrived from the Tales of Mrs. Doufries. An ongoing ramble of nonsense regaling the musings of Mrs Doufries as a time travelling private detective seeking Jimi Hendrix who is often found wandering in crazy fool’s garden. Peter Frampton is Jimi’s nemesis and part time […]

Dormant for twelve years, depraved and hungry. His might once the envy and scourge of predator and prey. A trophy scalp in anyone’s money. Patiently the tiger waited. Those post the striped assassin filtered through their meaningless tasks, meaningless to him anyway. He is the short tempered beast; eager, hasty, yet on the other paw […]

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