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DEON Unveils a New Chapter of Life and Loss With New Single, ‘Breathe In’ Setting the Tone for Upcoming EP Slated For Release in 2022 Since releasing his last album ‘eulogia; eulogy’ in 2019, and an acoustic ‘Prologue; Eulogia’ in 2020, together with a heart-felt collaborative refreshed take on ‘Fix’ with Japan’s soul-pop artist Shohey […]

A snippet from Durban’s Bread – Prim’s best selling novel (so far!) The other day I saw my daughter’s friend walking along merrily talking to herself. A couple days later my neighbour’s caught me doing the same. Today, on the way to the bank, some ‘road debris’ I clocked was a pair of high quality […]

Yeah, I don’t have to mention this, I know you don’t care, and I don’t care you don’t care, but it reminds me of ‘Things that get on my nose and up my wick‘ feature in me ol’ That Was The Week… What A Week rants and also leads into a snippet of Durban’s Bread, […]

‘I’m going to throw my Mac against the wall…‘ – (eldest) ‘Dad, I’ve put in the code, but it’s not working’ ‘Tell teacher’ ‘I can’t because it’s not working…‘ – (youngest) Kids online schooling is awesome. Some weird scenes inside the goldmine today, the radio live stream is off, because my radio computer just switched […]

The world and his wife are paying tribute to Charlie Watts – the gentleman that he was. I’ll keep it brief and reflect on a very fond memory of my first Rolling Stone record purchase back in 19 O’Chocolate… perhaps one of my very first record buys… Start Me Up. Not only is it an […]

Indonesian R&B Singer Rinni Wulandari Reunites with Rapper Willy Winarko to Drop ‘Underrated’ PREVIEW ‘UNDERRATED’ Since their first collaboration back in 2015 for ‘Independent Girl’, Indonesian R&B singer Rinni Wulandari, and rapper and radio host Willy Winarko have reunited this time to drop a brand new single, ‘Underrated’. The single is taken off Rinni Wulandari’s […]

SINGAPOREAN ELECTRONIC MUSIC ARTIST MJ KUOK NEW UPLIFTING MELODIC HOUSE SINGE, ‘TRIUMPH’ LEADING UP TO FORTHCOMING ALBUM ‘ATLAS’ 2021 has seen Singaporean electronic music artist, MJ Kuok (previously known as JUN and MMXJ) on a prolific music production ascent, where releasing music has been a constant, and the works of an upcoming full-length album, ‘Atlas’ […]

DJ Hijacq’s been shifting in the shadows and emerged with something special… she always does. We love her and trust you’ll enjoy too. ‘Two years ago I was deep in the desert dancing with shadow spirits & here we are now burrowing down in moody winter with our collective viral shadow spirit 🙂 Bless for […]

Singaporean Singer-Songwriter Charlie Lim Joins Forces with Melbourne-based Songwriter and Producer Katz to Drop Alt-Electronic Pop Single ‘Forgetting’ Leading Up to Katz’s Anticipated Sophomore EP Release ‘Only You’ Following the success of their 2018 collaboration, ‘Hollow’, Melbourne-based songwriter and producer Katz and Singaporean singer-songwriter Charlie Lim have teamed up again to release Alt-Electronic Pop single, […]

Extracts from Durban’s Bread pg 1 Chpt 1 ‘Momentarily, and just for an instant, the chill eased. The chimera’s wraith dissipated amidst a clutch of pines further up the hill. Winding to a whispering cluster of haunting possessions the forest soon lay silent. Time elapsed, seconds or minutes he knew not which. The night’s soulless […]

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