Durban’s Bread

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‘The moans were a mumble to begin, unsure and lumbering. Each drawn out breath gathering pace like a sirens pitch.’‘Prim – Durban’s Bread’ Postie Prim and his Black & White Dog grunt a bit Red tape, red tape, get it while it’s hot, it’s lovely – Monty Python pre- Brian Argh, I see you got […]

But it’s gonna be… Nice‘ ‘ I’d drizzle in the morning I’d drizzle in the evening All over this land I’d drizzle out danger I’d drizzle out a warning I’d drizzle out love … ‘‘Peter, Paul and Hairy’ Postie Prim and his Black & White Dog do it nicely Once more unto the drizzle my […]

But it’s gonna be… Marvellous‘ ‘Your life will be colourful if you just add colours to your life! It is your own decisions that will determine to have a miserable or a marvellous life!’‘Mehmet Murat ildan’ Pah – all too silious; ‘Absinthe makes the heart grow redder’ – Toulouse Lautrecolours Postie Prim and his Black […]

But it’s gonna be… Path ‘‘I’ll be making my way back to you babe with a burning bout of gout‘The Spanners – first pint’ Postie Prim and his Black & White Dog pave the dots The best way of doing nothing is to keep busy Take zis man outside and shoot him… very hard. It’s […]

But it’s gonna be… Toned ‘ ‘It aint what you say, it’s the way that you say it’*Not Bananarama, Fun Boy Three, Jimmie Lunceford, Harry James or even Ella Fitzgerald Postie Prim and his Black & White Dog talk You’re the voice try to understand it… Johnny I am mate… Accents in all sense are borne […]

But it’s gonna be… Directions ‘Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run you’ll probably need new shoes’Les Dennis Postie Prim and his Black & White Dog head East… no West… In 19 O’ Chocolate on the road to Damascus, which happened to be Heidenheim in Holland on route […]

But it’s gonna be… Smokey ‘Smoke gets in your ears and other enchanting placeThe Splatters Postie Prim and his Black & White Dog in the big smoke A golden leaf pendulated through the still air. Drifting on gravity past his windscreen like a signal, a cascade to those who will follow, like the *first white […]

But it’s gonna be… Beautiful  ‘Beauty is in the eye of the camel’Matthew 19:24 on his way home from day time drinking and now the… Postie Prim and his Black & White Dog bit We drove content as a scotch egg rolling in its coat of crumbs, ‘My work here is done’ stirred a subliminal […]

But it’s gonna be… Adventure  ‘Get off your horse and drink your milk’Never said by Marion Morrison Strap in Weather is important, I know I said I’d never mention it again, but I can’t help it… Dog food – biscuits… marge… yoghurts, am I dreaming or did I just write that… fold the corners and […]

But it’s gonna be… Procrastinated ‘Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it…. wait… wait..William Prescott at the Battle of Wolf Hill xxxx (fill in later) Procrastination has me marveled, one: by its spelling and the semi full sprawl required on the keyboard and two: well we’ll get to that in due course eh, […]

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