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‘Time and tide wait for no man’‘King Knut-not’ Saving time in the long run sounds like a waste of time in the now. I want the world and I want it yesterday, as Jim Morrison harped wax hysterically. Take writing this with thumbs on a phone, only to have to convert to another format later, […]

‘Oh, the good life, full of fun seems to be the ideal‘Tony ‘Gordon’ Bennett’ A couple degrees is all required to wind the windows, infest a wound and flood the winding conjugations of your mind. …Like a never ending tunnel, like a snowball in the breeze, da da dee, like whatever he goes on about […]

‘I am a mole and I live in…’‘perpetual state of being’ Paper paper everywhere and not a drop to eat. Yes, a cluttered desk is a sign of… a sign of… bear with me… if we were in Cannukland it could be a real bear… Organized mess, a state of being, an aspect of considered […]

‘I wandered as lonely as an air bubble in your pants’‘Tight Fit’ New, ha, that there corner has been rumbled, cobbled, trodden and in circulation before you could look it up. And that’s coming from an eternal optimist. Hot air, it’s everywhere and we’re not talking El nino (nino has to have a small n […]

‘Video killed the DVD star’‘Buggums’ Turns out there wasn’t a pt13 pt2 – funny ol’ world eh! But there is a magnificent pt14… dun dun duuun… fool’s been keeping it wheel since around 19. 0’Chocolate, which is roughly 2000 (AD) in real money and that wheel keep-a-spinning back to the first shades of foolery in […]

‘it’s been a long time coming but a change will come’‘Sam Cooke’s a cropper’ Brain a mush. Sleepless night… vacant pause. Mushy peas, yes please. Where were we?  Brain a mush, mash, for smash… vacant paws… mash, mmm… (ponder)… … (ponder over)… Sunlight burnt marmalade piercing brown papered windows… Al Pacino’s insomnia denied memory of […]

‘Ticking away the moments that make up a dramatic day’‘Scarlet Floyd’ This is the Day The The sang, and by goody goody gum drops wasn’t it. By ecky-thump if I haven’t had a shower, I had, its spring doesn’t we know and shorts have sprung forth beige legs attached to laced up flip-flops. Life is […]

‘‘Size of el-flea-ant’‘Caribbean nights’ Climbing trees looking for fleas, grazed knees, where are the fleas, blown in the breeze, gone fleas Flead was written and performed by Flea and The Tijuana Brass I thought that would be a good opening gambit as I stood in the kitchen making a turkey and ham salad sandwich. Now […]

‘‘I say madness is too pure like mother sky’‘Can and not I can I can’t aka Tubbs League of Gentlemen’’ Get out and walk. Yep, that’s the way. A good clean walk will clear the airways, yes that’s it.  De-fuddle the discombobulated spiders’ legs of confusion, quell the mass goings-on. Free the mind. Stretch the […]

‘Would you love me through the winter? Would you love me ’til I’m dead?‘Nick ‘Charlie’ Drake not a duck’ To play a musical instrument at the click of the fingers I would probably play the click of the fingers. Many a snappy tune played on them. I can’t be trusted with the guitar, I tend […]

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