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We’ve gone down the more traditional, experienced route and reckon we have a winner – if you have a World Rock n Roll XV or Funky XV or which ever genre you fancy, send to us and we’ll play on the WnB Gig – Merry Choptober

for those about to rock, we salute you
Change in CHOPTOBER CHOPTOBER with Primco

Looking at it and reading it now, it doesn’t seem right, is it really a word; where’s the eggs! keeping it turning, keeping it wheel, keeping it an egg-sucking CHOPTOBER

fool is on a mission from G, so archived Breakie Gig today – normal service resumes with Plausible Paula at 10:30, DW’s Spectrum, Guest Doc-Pod da da da – Happy Choptober

Radio Primco RWC Rock n Roll XV
'ere are son, on my head
milk it

Change in tonight’s planned schedule – Pete Daisy slots in at 8:30pm with Daisy Gets Funked – Low Slung Summer Grooves

Our Perpetual Grow Your Own Season Friday: nurture knowledge https://soundcloud.com/radioprimco/wnb-27919 whole show here - best Worst Bits on our podcast page

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