Durban’s Bread snippets (#6) -‘Add 14 more’

Written by on 30/09/2021

Taken from Chpt 3 – Mick gets frustrated with the ‘Kraut God-squad’…

‘A full hour slipped by and Mick was straining at the teeth, a crooked set at that. It was not that he was so patriotic that he didn’t like foreigners, far from it, for Mick was always polite to everyone until he sensed a hint of arrogance. In this instance the regulated running of his office had been tampered with and it took a while to adjust himself and the new arrivals to the now new schedule. He consoled himself by laying out a saucer of milk for Fredd Schnapps, stroking him as he did. Solace was found in Fredd’s mysticism. Are cats the great leveller… or is that mud?

          ‘Right where were we?’ Jax resumed his position handing Mick a tinned-spam and tomato sandwich, minus the tin.

         ‘Well, I was devising a murder plan.’ he quipped, ‘but I’ll think I’ll add fourteen more to the list while I’m at it….’’

Fredd Schnappes
‘Add 14 More…’
Slightly upbeat for the theme of murder but it is The Cat Empire!

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