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Taken from Chpt 12… ‘We stood in the same lift, worlds apart. Neither of us quite in touch with the real one. Throughout the ride no one entered. Peter bounced off the walls on his shoulders. His body tight as a tourniquet, sweat trickling down his forehead, eyes glaring. He mumbled his death chant in […]

Taken from Chpt 4… ‘…An adult life time of intravenous drug abuse had woven into Peter’s DNA registering him a paranoid schizophrenic. His violence that so poignantly breeched the family’s charter was now officially recognised by the government’s laws, the court’s laws; an outcome she was publicly bound to accept. Erroneous as his deeds were, […]

From Chpt 4… ‘Peter was up surprisingly early that Wednesday morning. His appearance downstairs never usually greeted before 11:00am. He was now receiving a cup of coffee from the maid at 8:00am, yet still he had lain awake in his pit the previous three hours, smoldering amidst the mire of paranoid contemplation.’ Durban’s Bread on […]

Friday 8pm Thai time… Thai time Disco – Dance – Electronicamisso Old and new fav’s Send us yours and we’ll play ’em Played live at Dark Horse Pub & Kitchen – Koh Kaew, Phuket

Taken from Chpt 3 – Mick gets frustrated with the ‘Kraut God-squad’… ‘A full hour slipped by and Mick was straining at the teeth, a crooked set at that. It was not that he was so patriotic that he didn’t like foreigners, far from it, for Mick was always polite to everyone until he sensed […]

Had my 2nd jab the other day (covid for those reading in the future – a conversational piece issued by the global government for folk still alive and able to afford a pint to convince everyone else down the pub they’re over talking about this subject) – on the third day, like a perfect storm, […]

Things are not always as they seem… From a distance I saw a giant pair of red knickers hung between two trees… ‘big lass’, I thought. Edging closer I could now make out their black lace trim. Closer still and as suspected, a blanket slung diagonally for shade, but what I couldn’t make out until […]

Extracts from Durban’s Bread – a true story of attempted murder and its consequences… a black comedy which could affect your morals Each week we delve into a wee snippet from Durban’s Bread – be it textual, an audio clipping or in this week’s case… dun dun duuun… a video Ok, I’m no film maker, […]

A snippet from Durban’s Bread – Prim’s best selling novel (so far!) The other day I saw my daughter’s friend walking along merrily talking to herself. A couple days later my neighbour’s caught me doing the same. Today, on the way to the bank, some ‘road debris’ I clocked was a pair of high quality […]

Yeah, I don’t have to mention this, I know you don’t care, and I don’t care you don’t care, but it reminds me of ‘Things that get on my nose and up my wick‘ feature in me ol’ That Was The Week… What A Week rants and also leads into a snippet of Durban’s Bread, […]

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